Prayers For Friends And Loved Ones

We believe that the effective, fervent prayers of righteous people avail much, as the scriptures tell us. (James 5:16) This means that if you want to make an impact on your child’s life through prayer, your walk with the Lord in purity and truth is vital. That was one of the first lessons we learned here at L.I.F.E.

The Lord desires that we be purified by obeying the truth (I Peter 1:22) and then we can love our brothers sincerely and after that love them deeply from the heart. You cannot truly love your child or your friend if you have an agenda for how and when they will be set free. You have to begin by purifying yourself by obeying the truth (the Word of God and His Holy Spirit) and only then can you love your loved one sincerely and only after that can you love him or her deeply from the heart.

This is what we all need if we are to be effective prayer warriors who will be used to help them become free from this sin. This is a complex sin and it requires that we have wisdom and truth to fight against the schemes of the devil.

Do not be discouraged by the challenge of this truth. This work will change your life and your walk with the Lord. You want your child or your friend to be set free because this is a sin that will keep him or her out of the Kingdom of heaven if not repented of. (I Corinthians 6:9-11) So this is a serious work and must be done in dedication and faithfulness.

Also, you need to have a group of prayer warriors who will pledge themselves to pray for your friend or child. They can lift them up and hold up your arms as you pray for them. This is a wonderful fellowship as you all wage war in the Spirit for the souls of these dear ones ensnared in the addictive bondage of homosexuality.

Please pray for all men and women throughout the world who have this spiritual and emotional bondage. They need your prayers. They are in the throes of deception, unreality, addiction, bondage, evil desires and idolatry.

Pray that every stronghold will be broken so they can see truth, turn from evil desires, tear down the idols and raise up God in their hearts, face reality and reject unreality, have the ungodly lies in their emotions exposed and come out from under demonic deception. Then the bondage of addiction can be broken.

We have see such miracles happen as we believe and trust in the great power of Jesus’ name to set the captive free. The cleansed lives of those who have been in bondage ring with the joy and truth of the Lord. Their testimony has great power over the devil and his lies. (Revelation 12:11)

Please pray for the churches to awaken to the need to minister to those trapped in this emotional bondage. Pray specifically for your church and speak to your pastor about this need if you feel he can be trusted with your confidential information. If not, then pray that he will be awakened by the Spirit of God to the need for education in his congregation about the sin of homosexuality and the undeniable truth of people who were set free in Bible times. (I Corinthians 6:9-11)

We have material which will help you as you pray. These are the articles “Help for Parents and Friends”, “What’s a Parent to do”, the Spiritual Warfare tapes and, of course, in order to understand homosexuality better, you need to buy our Syllabus and the 20 CD set of teaching on the roots and causes of homosexuality and the way to be free. It includes also counselor training. Check the Library Store for the last two items.

Prayers for You and Your Loved Ones

We want to be with you and support you in your praying for your loved ones. We want to hold you up in prayer. We all need each other as we fight this battle for those trapped in this sin. If you would like for us to join you in praying for your loved one, please send us the following information:

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