We Must Continue To Tell The Truth

We must continue to tell the truth with love and compassion, for the sake of the lost.

Why is there such pandemic confusion and falsehood about the condition and practice of homosexuality? Why are so many willing to believe, both in and outside the church, that it’s alright if the people really care about each other, that they aren’t hurting anyone, and they can’t change anyway?

We believe the answer to this question is simple, painful and sobering. Due to many factors working in society in the last three decades – despair of a better world, relative truth, pleasure seeking, ignorance of God, cynicism, etc., – human beings have fallen into believing human experience is more valid than absolutes and principles, that feeling is better than knowing.

This is an unsatisfying, substitute life, as many now testify, but many are still enthralled by it as if this were all there is. As Scripture says, “without a vision, the people perish”. Human beings can’t survive without a sense of “something beyond ourselves”, otherwise we fall into some version of “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”.

There has to be a strong reason for restraint and morality, for dying to the natural way of the flesh with its constant pretense of giving life meaning. To elevate man and experiences over religion, philosophy, and tradition is spiritual darkness, and a vivid sign of the times in which we live.

The continuing challenge is to tell the truth in love; to keep in mind that those we call homosexuals are hurting, angry, rebellious, and confused about a condition they did not ask for and generally don’t understand. There is much self-hate, shame, and fear that accompany this syndrome, and the church must not add to these burdens by a lack of charity, mercy, patience, and compassion.

When anyone with a tormenting problem feels isolated from the most likely source of healing and counsel; when fervent attempts at freedom have given little result, a terrible despair sets in. Tormented by unknown feelings and buried trauma, the person feels caught in a web of diminishing options, and more rejection is intolerable.

Much effort is then given to changing the moral standard that shuts them out of social and religious fellowship. They are ready to accept an ideology that says, “God made me gay, and it’s good”. Thus, pain and despair lead to a humanist theology that brings immediate comfort but ultimate destruction.

This exemplifies worldly wisdom: the way things are, is so overwhelming, we tend to abandon all ideas of how things ought to be, and Hell has won a great victory. What is becomes as valid as any original design. This is patently demonic, and must be refuted by all Christians.

Humanist solutions seem compassionate at first, seem to be the “caring” course of action, but humanism is ultimately anti-human because it denies absolutes. The battlefield is strewn with the dead in this conflict; let us rescue whom we can, with God’s help.

We Must Continue to Tell the Truth
by Ron Highley