The World Trade Towers

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I, like millions of others, turned on my television and watched as in a matter of minutes, my life, my nation, and my world was changed forever. A blatant, brutal attack on American soil, killing thousands and injuring thousands more, left widows, orphans, loved ones with open wounds and broken hearts.

Except for being late or out of town, five of our L.I.F.E. people might possibly have died. Somehow every New Yorker knew we would never again have the carefree life we had had. We were used to danger, but this was different. They wanted us all dead. It was hard to see, hard to perceive that human beings could be so coldly bent on destruction with no regard for the sanctity of life itself.

These concepts were diametrically opposed to God and His Truth. It was clear that this was not just war, but a spiritual conflict beyond flesh and blood. In the Word it is clear that national sin brings on war and ours was certainly obvious. But our sin was not just the sin of the flesh but also the sin of the spirit-going a-whoring after false gods.

While we were unaware, we were being infiltrated by terrorist “cells”, so akin to cancer cells, evil destroyers mimicking normal cells, “sleepers” awaiting the call to kill and destroy. Certainly there are spirits of darkness operating in the souls of the terrorists who have followed a false religion and a false god, Allah.

The followers of Al Qaeda, already deceived by this false teaching, moved to a more radical and distorted set of beliefs spawned in hell. They trained their young men to be suicide bombers and terrorists and to feel honored to be chosen for such “noble” work. Again, as with many in this ministry, when one has felt left out and worthless, any special treatment seems appealing. This should be a wake up call to turn from the emotional lie that says we are worthless.

What made these people hate us so much? Was it envy over our position as the only superpower, our wealth and luxurious living? Or did they hate us because they believe we are godless infidels, full of filth and immorality who invaded their Holy Land. They point to our magazines, videos, books, movies, television programs, music, and the Internet as corrupting and render us worthy of destruction.

There is no question that these indictments are true. We do send filth throughout the world today. But does that make us worthy of destruction? A religion based on true love always wants to redeem the sinner, not destroy him.

Our God, who is Love, is the only righteous Judge and has a glorious plan for that redemption and that is Jesus, our Atoning Sacrifice. That is the major difference between Christianity and Islam.

Let us examine our hearts to see if we are joining in with the ungodly, evil views of the terrorists:

  • No respect for life.
  • Justifying hatred and plans to brutally harm others.
  • Open to false teaching.
  • Judgment and execution of others viewed as acceptable.

If we do not choose to live or we want to die or kill ourselves, we do not respect this great gift of life God has given us. Pray that you will live every day God has created you to live. Choose life.

If you hate yourself and want to be like someone else, you are justifying hatred. Choose to be who you are, to love yourself, and be all you can be for God.

Many of us can easily fall for false teaching because of living in our emotions, wanting easy acceptance, and to hear what we want to hear. Choose to work out of those emotions and live by the Word in order to discern good from evil.

If we judge others and want to take them down even by our words, we join in with these evil forces. May we speak the truth in love, and build up and encourage others, as well as pray for those that despitefully use us.

It is so important to turn from degrading and filthy publications, programs, and pornography that take us to a subhuman level of relating. May we live Psalm 101:3 – “I will set before my eyes no vile thing.”

Of course, we cannot do all these things immediately, but we must see the seriousness of our joining in with such a spirit of darkness. We must walk as children of light and shine like stars in this dark generation.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned.” (Isaiah 9:2)

The World Trade Towers
published December 2001
by Joanne Highley