The Kinsey Report – A Curse On America

The new movie about the life and work of Alfred Kinsey and starring Liam Neeson is an obvious attempt to portray this man as a pioneer of the Sexual Revolution, “freeing” people to have sex in any way, any time, anywhere, with any gender they feel like. He dreamed of a sexual utopia, where men would have many partners and so would women. He stated in early “sex education” classes at Indiana University as early as 1938, that the only sexual dysfunction was abstinence, delayed marriage and lack of variety in sexual experience.

It was very touching to see more of Kinsey’s life history in a PBS documentary which was helpful in understand how Satan got such a hold on Kinsey’s life and used him for such destruction of the moral fiber of this nation. Not that PBS spoke of the devil, but his life history spoke volumes. It was a classic case of a wounded, overbearing father putting a religious spin on sexual problems to the point of Kinsey taking science as his god.

He had been a sickly child, having had rickets and rheumatic fever and not being expected to live. His father was a strong, opinionated bully and Methodist minister who nurtured Alfred in the fear and admonition of the Lord—but much more fear than nurture.

At first, Kinsey tried as a Boy Scout to resist masturbation by praying with another Boy Scout. He told the other boy that they would have to pray and fight it. He began to find some freedom from his controlled and repressive home life by going on very long nature hikes of 10 to 25 miles a day. He was intensely interested in the insects he saw and began to study them. Because of his fervor in this study, he was called the “next Darwin”. This is the path that led him to forsake his father’s faith and take on a new religion which was science.

At high school graduation he was the valedictorian and was ready to set the world on fire. His father resisted his idea of becoming a biologist and instead wanted him to become an engineer. Kinsey was angry and defiant. The father withdrew all financial support, gave him a suit of clothes and that was it.

Six years after leaving home, after having graduated with honors from Bowdoin College and Harvard, he was hired as a professor of Entomology at Indiana University. It was there that he met Clara Bracken McMillan, and it was love at first sight. He was shy, but she saw potential and was willing to work with him. They shared great interest in hiking and insects. They were married on June 3, 1921, but the wedding night did not go well. They were married but could not have sex. They found that she had a restrained hymen and after surgery, all was corrected.

But this experience led Kinsey to read every book on sex he could get his hands on. He found, based on his twisted viewpoint, that every book on sex was, in his mind, filled with moral prescriptions, thinly disguised. They presented unbounded sexuality as the cause of failure, disease and madness Masturbation and homosexual contacts were all forbidden—only male/female marital sex was approved.

Now his two driving interests—insects and sexuality—began to converge to bring a new concept into play. He had in his insect studies found and catalogued over 100,000 gall wasps, and he found great variation in these insects. They all seemed to be different. He wondered if this would apply to the more complex study of sexuality. Were there premarital and extra-marital sexual experiences out there far beyond what he had read about that covered a wide range? (The pain of rejection by his father and failed sexual performance brought ungodly reaction and conclusions.)

He had read about sexuality for ten years before he started the sexuality course at Indiana University. Many of the students were seeking answers to their sexual problems, but most had never thought of having sex before marriage. Kinsey loaned students on campus his Nash car to have sex together.

They poured into his class and he began by using very graphic sexual pictures and words that shocked and appalled the students. But they soon allowed him to take their sexual histories one-on-one, and he was very disarming and “scientific”, so they poured out their secrets and told him everything. He saw the class as a great laboratory for his sexual studies and he catalogued the students’ sex lives. By 1939, he had done 300 interviews.

But Kinsey had gone too far. Herman Wells, the new president of Indiana University, a great defender of academic freedom, however, told Kinsey either the class or the interviews had to go. Instead, Kinsey left Indiana and went out on his own to become a sex researcher.

He interviewed students, professors and their wives, gardeners and prisoners from Indiana state penal farms. In the prisons, he found people imprisoned for sex acts that he considered normal. He also found that homosexuals were thought to be pathological, and was furious over a LIFE magazine article on criminals that had labeled a homosexual as a “pretty white boy”.

Kinsey remained in homosexual feelings after he was married and had sex with every member of his staff. He went to gay bars in Chicago to get more sexual interviews from the men there. He went to “Hallowe’en” parties and gay clubs which he considered to be a “scientific gold mine”. It was here that he had his first homosexual sex and found a great range of sexual activity among these men.

He now was taking five to seven histories a day and believed he had proof that the principle of variation he had discovered among the gall wasps was truly present in human sexuality. However, he had a skewed concept of gathering data which gave false statistics.

He interviewed all kinds of people, young, old, rich, poor, but did not have proper sampling. So he came out after 18,000 interviews with only the data from the fringe groups because they were the ones who would speak about their sexual experiences. However, he read these statistics into every American, when his books were published. It was a very serious scientific fraud and gave this country a false view of sexuality which persists to this day.

He got the financial backing of the Rockefeller Foundation, and even persuaded the Board members to give him their sexual histories. He used this money to gain more interviews. With a team of four men they worked 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, 300 interviews a week.

Kinsey had sex with all of his team members who were married men, and some of them had sex with the wives of the other men. Some had sex with Kinsey’s wife. Even Kinsey had to stop the devastating effects of this sex on one couple who were about to divorce and asked thee team member to stop his adulterous relationship with the other team member’s wife.

He produced his first report on his findings in his 700-page book entitled “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”, published in 1948. Two hundred thousand copies were sold! News of this book was in every newspaper and magazine across America and it was even given the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Suddenly everyone could talk about sex because Kinsey had.

His book put forth the outlandish statistics gleaned from his interviews of fringe groups: 68% of all men had been with prostitutes, 98% had practiced masturbation, and 50% had had pre-marital sex. The public asked, “How can this be so at odds with what we have been taught?” Kinsey’s answer was the conspiracy of a society had been tapped down and now it was being revealed. This was America’s sexual report card. It taught there is no good or bad, right or wrong. Only a sliding scale of sexual variety and the fluidity of human sexual desire all over the country.

But there were serious flaws revealed in his methodology. He had included in his first book tables of statistics in regard to orgasms experienced in pre-pubertal boys and infants. These are the now famous Tables 31-34 listed in “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”. This had obviously been criminal activity, but Kinsey protected those who performed these “studies”. He said all the other people were kept anonymous and these must be as well. One of his staff said, “To get data, Kinsey would have made a deal with the devil.” It was believed that much of the data had come from one man who had molested 200 children.

Now Kinsey began to be criticized by fellow scientists but he believed to the end that the problem of lack of sampling could be overcome by the large number of interviews. However, large segments of the population were missing from the study, such as interviews from Christians and blacks.

As much as 25% of the interviews came from prison inmates, 60% of whom were sex offenders and 44% had had homosexual experience in prison. This resulted in the grossly deviant and unrepresentative data in terms of sexual practices. Three world renowned statisticians from the Rockefeller Foundation came to look over the Kinsey methodology. They wanted smaller samplings of a wider span of people.

Kinsey continued his sexual “research” filming his staff and other invited guests having sex together. This was done in the hope of understanding female sexuality and what caused arousal in women. This was highly secretive, done in locked rooms. Women were sacred in America and were not thought to have sexual needs , but Kinsey wanted to reveal that they do have sexual needs and appetites. He believed women’s sexual freedom would not threaten marriage but rather strengthen it.

In 1953, he published his “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female”, and it was deeply offensive to the American public. Great anger was unleashed against him as people said, “No decent woman would give opinions like these. These are lies! Dr. Kinsey’s one-sided report will cause marriages to break up. Children will not trust their mothers.” He was also connected to Communism as Senator Joe McCarthy investigated many people. They saw the breakdown in morality as one opening for a Communist take-over.

In 1954, the Rockefeller Foundation withdrew their support. The committee of statisticians had ruled his methodology as faulty. He began a study on masochism but began to have trouble sleeping. He died of a massive heart attack on August 25, 1956 at 62 year of age, feeling himself to be a great failure.

Dr. Judith Reisman has done great work since1983 to expose the criminality and fraud as well as the grave damage done to America through Kinsey’s false reporting of the sexual behavior of our populace. She, along with Edward E. Eichel, has written an expose of this damaging report entitled, “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud”, published by Huntington House in 1990. It is now out of print but used copies can be ordered through

It truly seems impossible that the fraud and criminal techniques disguised as research used in the Kinsey Report could still be influencing our schools, colleges and sex education practices almost fifty years later. Also, the action of the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of disorders was greatly influenced by Kinsey.

His studies launched the first wave of the sexual revolution and proved to be the basis for the gay rights movement. Roe v Wade cited Kinsey’s findings in the move to legalize abortion. Kinsey’s statistics regarding orgasms of children and babies have been used to mandate sex education in the schools based on the presumption that children are sexual from birth. As Dr. Reisman has written in her brilliant paper, “Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution “:

Prior to the Kinsey Reports, American law held that not only were sodomy, adultery, fornication and the like transgressions, those who committed such acts were themselves unacceptable. Post-Kinsey, these once-criminal acts and their actors began moving toward acceptability. The new law system used Kinsey as its primary and only scientific authority and pointed America in a downward direction, promoting today’s entire panoply of sexual deviances more common to the Pre-Christian Era.”

The primary reason for including this article on Alfred Kinsey and his destructive sexual survey and report, done in the name of “science”, was to point up the way a person can be used as a tool of Satan if he or she buys into the emotional and demonic lies that are at the heart of homosexuality.

It was not only Kinsey’s problems of homosexuality, demonic driveness, abandonment of God and Christianity and devotion to his crusade to release people from the societal pressures of morality and Christianity to have sex with anyone, anywhere, any time that caused the great destructive curse on America. It was also the result of the years at war during World War II, in which many married couples were under inordinate stress of separation. This brought on a tidal wave of sexual sin.

Kinsey simply presented lies and false “sexual research” that seemed to legitimize removing Christian standards because “everyone was doing it”, or so they thought. What huge havoc was unleashed by his crusade coupled with the breakdown in morals brought on by World War II.

The Kinsey Report – A Curse On America
published March 2005
by Joanne Highley