Prayer For LIFE

We ask you to pray for L.I.F.E. Ministry in the following areas:

  • Wisdom, patience and sincere love for every counselee who walks through our door that we might fulfill what God intends for this life---freedom, a deep sense of worth, fellowship with the saints and fulfillment according to God's plan for his or her life.
  • Submission to each other as we work as a staff. May the Spirit of love and joy permeate our atmosphere in the office, on the phones, in our writing and especially in the counselling rooms.
  • Anointing of the Holy Spirit on our support group meetings so the deep questions may be addressed through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. We thank God for the Spirit of peace which envelops our office and is spoken about regularly by those who visit or attend our group meetings.
  • Development of a parents' group to pray and learn together about the many tough questions which arise when parents have to deal with children who are in the deception of this sin. We ask for wisdom and guidance in regard to writing a book to instruct the parent as they search out the ways to defeat this attack on their family and their child or children.
  • More trained staff members who can counsel and pray on the phones for those in need. We are so grateful for the dear devoted staff members who have worked so tirelessly to serve here at L.I.F.E. Please pray for them by name: Dick, Robert and his wife Bettina, Doreen, Bruna, Janet, Heather, Wil, Jon and Joanne.
  • Wisdom and strength as we begin to expand the circle of our ministry to other countries and states. We ask for the Lord's guidance so we will not go beyond His assignments.
  • The ability to help people who have conquered the ungodly reactions to pain in childhood and the lie of homosexuality, to go on into the mature state of manhood and womanhood and step into the delights of heterosexuality and parenthood.
  • The protection of the Holy Spirit as legislation in our country is moving into the area of same-sex marriage and the blocking of speaking against homosexuality in any open and public manner as has already been enacted in Colorado. May these ungodly pieces of legislation be voted down and the truth of God raised up so our country can be spared from destruction.
  • More Board members who can counsel us with wisdom and truth and stand with us in the coming years.

God bless you for your prayers and support of our work.