A Letter From Prison

Date Published: 
February 2008

We were very moved by this letter we received from an inmate in prison in Washington state. It was such an encouragement to hear how our newsletters had blessed him and helped him resist sin and find a way to fight the schemes of the devil even while in solitary confinement. We praise God that we have provided a pen pal from our ministry for him so he can share what is going on in his emotions as he uses the "tools" of our ministry to be set free. May the Lord continue to bless him and give him joy even in that place of confinement. We send our love and appreciation to him and wish for him that the Lord equip him with every thing he needs for life and godliness.

I took this information and put it to use myself and as a newborn lamb is wobbly on its legs the first steps I too struggled but have come to use this “tool” with diligence.

I am curretly housed in a Segregation Unit in a single man cell which is max custody. I have a lot of solitude, a lot. See, recently I experienced a rejection by the prisoners I was so accepted by and now find myself an outcast.

Under these circumstances I find my mind/heart bombarded by a lot of sin, for me all the sin leads to sexual sin. To explain, the mental