It’s Time To Turn From Rebellion

If you have ever felt you can’t stand being controlled by a manipulative parent and so you try to control or as a child you always thought you knew better and became unteachable.

If you received inordinate punishment and it made you believe God will punish your every misdeed; if you were falsely accused and get so mad you want to do bad things or whenever bad things happen you see them as God’s punishment and go for sin out of rebellion.

If your parents had no respect for your property or space and threw away your favorite clothes or toys without asking you and you to get back at them for that. If you were constantly yelled at, put down and left out and you feel hopeless and yet want to do something bad to be accepted. If you were molested by someone you respected like a youth pastor or Christian friend, and you feel you can’t trust anyone and everyone’s a fake.

“I trusted you and you betrayed me.”

This makes you want to have some kind of quick sex to feel that’s all you can trust. This bring anger and guilt. If you want to prove people are wrong and you are right and you do bad things to prove they’re wrong. If you hate authority and want to do the opposite of all they are and stand for.

If you feel you can’t trust people or they’ll turn on you and this makes you feel isolated and alone which then drives you to do things to feel “connected” but they are bad connections and you know it. If you’re loaded with shame and you look to sex for relief. If you were silenced for being too loud as a child and you shut up but felt very angry inside and hated “being nice” and learned to be good at church, home and school, but did bad things in secret to get back at them. Acting out of resentment of being shut up.

Then we must face the fact that you are having an ungodly reaction to pain in childhood and beyond. We must look to the truth that will set us free from this rebellion and disobedience. These things may “feel good” but they conspire to hold us in addiction and stalemate in our lives so we do not progress but rather keep repeating the same ungodly reactions in our emotions and the same ungodly sins to try to take care of the pain that does not go away because we keep holding on to the ungodly reactions and rehearse the grievances that made the pain in the first place. God wants us to be free of all of this imprisoning cycle of sin and rebellion.

Rebellion says that good is evil, light is darkness, bitter is sweet. Rebellion says why does evil seem so sweet? Rebellion says you are justified in this sin because of all you have suffered. But the Lord’s Word says:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and prudent and shrewd in their own sight. Woe to those who are mighty heroes at drinking wine and men of strength in mixing alcoholic drinks. Who justify and acquit the guilty for a bribe and take away the rights of the innocent and righteous from him. — Isaiah 5:20-23

It is time to turn from our rebellion and sinful ways and return to God who will abundantly pardon, cleanse and set you free and restore you to righteousness. But we must utterly forsake the way of the rebellious and disobedient. There is no justification for it. It is a childish ungodly reaction to pain. Work out on paper what your sinful reactions to pain are and the false beliefs about God you have acquired. You do not deserve to rebel. It can never work righteousness. God will not bless rebellion. When we choose to rebel, we take ourselves out from under God’s protection and Isaiah warns us:

Woe to those who draw calamity with cords of iniquity and falsehood, who bring punishment on themselves with a cart rope of wickedness. — Isaiah 5:18

We bring disaster on ourselves as we follow the way of childish rebellion and disobedience and revenge from the stored emotions of our past hurts. We must write down what we felt and ask God to connect our minds to these old buried lies that we have used for years to draw calamity to our lives and hold us in sinful patterns of unrighteousness, all the while justifying the sin because of our pain.

This is the day of repentance. Put away the ungodly reactions by praying to renounce them and working to resist them. God will be right there with you to bring you out of your bondage and idolatry. He is married to the backslider and loves you with an everlasting love. Resist the lie of getting back, getting even and go on into submission to His love. An evil spirit of disobedience will need to be prayed off of you so you can go on to the joys of obedience and freedom.

It’s Time To Turn From Rebellion
by Joanne Highley