Pain Management or Reality

As Ron and I fight this lung disease together, we are finding out a lot about pain and what it does to you. The pain involved here is not horrible physical pain, but rather the psychological and emotional pain of seeing the breath and strength diminish, the body waste away, the activity become severely limited. It is the pain of seeing your mate so weakened and helpless – the man whose strong arms had comforted and supported you now needs your arms for most needs. It is the pain of having no answers medically or through alternative care.

Topic: Pain

A New Response to Pain - Part 1

Homosexual attraction, the evil desire for unhealthy same-sex relationship or contact, develops in children and pre-adolescents largely as a result of practiced ungodly reactions to pain. As a child experiences pain and emotional upset, the temptation to seek an unhealthy, ungodly way to make the pain go away will loom large. The more the child gives in to these ungodly suggestions, the more he/she opens to spiritual evil.

Topic: Pain

Homosexuality and the Book of Job

In looking at Job, we see a man's agony and wrestling with the unanswered questions of his suffering. The great lessons contained in this book show many truths about suffering and how to work to resolution of pain to the freedom and restitution God desires.

Topic: Pain
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