How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Evil Desires

We all have desires. Some of these desires are worthy, healthy and should be pursued. Some of these desires are unworthy, deadly and should be avoided. Some are sexual desires which can be very healthy, godly and bring blessing to us and the world. Other sexual desires are perverted and driven by evil. A desire is a strong feeling that drives us to attain or possess something which is, or we think is, within our reach. Evil is the absence of good, that which is sinful, vicious, corrupt, morally wrong and wicked.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Can a Christian be Demonically Opressed?

The born-again believer can have demonic oppression because while the spirit is totally made new by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the body and soul (the mind, will and emotions) are still being sanctified. "But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, He sat down at the right hand of God.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Blockages to Freedeom

Even after you have accomplished much work on your issues and your emotions, there can still be blockages to your total freedom from homosexuality. We need to understand this truth and look for these deeply held lies that can hold us in this sin.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Addicted to Acceptance

When a child is born into a family, there begins a discovery by the child of who he or she is. This discovery is done by relating to the mother and father during infancy and early childhood. If the parents pay attention to the baby, pray over the baby, speak to him or her, laugh and play with the baby and attend to the needs of the baby, the formation of the baby’s personhood can develop naturally. But if there are distractions, crises, dysfunction in the parents, inability to express love or give the baby what he or she needs, then the baby cannot grow and discover who he or she is.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality | The Truth About Homosexuality


A major ingredient for moving into freedom from homosexuality is having a healthy selfhood. So many people who come to be set free from this sin have never realized who they are as an individual. There are various reasons for this lack. One reason is the lack of attention, affection and affirmation that the parents should have given to a child so he or she would realize they are unique and individual with qualities that are given by God to bless the world.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

The Walk of Faith

As I was talking to Bel, one of the leaders of the ministry in Liverpool, she said to me, "After one has a revelation of the internalized pain and how that connected to the sex drive and even knows when the pain began and has worked through most of the ungodly reactions to that pain, this is not enough. There must be something further to stop the addiction." I quickly agreed with her. We saw together that we must work by the three cardinal biblical principles of freedom and building a temple of praise to God set forth in the Mt. Moriah teaching. Those principles are:

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

It's Time to Turn From Rebellion

If you have ever felt you can't stand being controlled by a manipulative parent and so you try to control or as a child you always thought you knew better and became unteachable. If you received inordinate punishment and it made you believe God will punish your every misdeed; if you were falsely accused and get so mad you want to do bad things or whenever bad things happen you see them as God's punishment and go for sin out of rebellion.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

What is God's Work? - What is Mine?

In the process of gaining freedom from the bondage and deception of homosexuality, there can be serious confusion over what are the means to this freedom. Is it all up to God and we wait for Him to set us free. Or is it a matter of work on the part of the person trapped in this addictive sin? Could it be that somehow the two must work together to gain the freedom that God desires for anyone in bondage?

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

The Truth About Looking - Don't Feed the Fear

Chris's Journal Entry

I’ve been around this ministry for years now and more recently I’ve been riddled by thoughts – will I ever change, am I going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? OK, so I asked those questions just about every four months. But I’m still not interested in wearing a t-shirt that says "Lifer at LIFE". I want to move on, I want to be married, so I’ve been motivated to consider living another way. 

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 6

Putting an End to Contending with God. Homosexual desires are often rooted in a deep-seated case against God. Hot emotions such as anger, disappointment, confusion, or fear are stored from painful situations in childhood. From the pain the person questions why God permitted such things to happen. Many feel frustrated that God seemed to ignore their prayers and did just what He wanted, permitting the suffering to continue or even get worse. To many, it seemed like they were pushing against an immovable wall or blocked from the happiness they sought.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality
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