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Jesus is Real!

A New Woman
Date Published: 
March 1994

Jesus is real! He has power to change lives! I know this because He has changed me and healed me of my deepest hurt - the experience of incest - and the sexual confusion that resulted. I pray that this testimony will give hope to others struggling with a similar problem.

Homosexual Covenant - Good News?

An ad for Dr. Tony Campolo’s recent book, “20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch” states that he is “not a man to shy away from controversy”. In the chapter, “Does Christianity Have Any Good News for Homosexuals?”, he has certainly stirred controversy. The definition of controversy is a “dispute concerning a matter of opinion”. In his introduction, Dr. Campolo says, “The time has come to be bold and to declare from the rooftops what I have been hiding away in my closet of opinions”.

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God Makes a Way in the Desert

Date Published: 
October 1996

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19.

The Lord has brought this verse to me at various points in my life, reminding me that I do not have to be bound by the past, that I can move on to a more free and abundant life. When I have believed this, and have walked by faith in Him rather than fear and disbelief, I have seen chains broken.

From Darkness to Light: A Pastor's Secret Revealed

One year ago, a large part of my world collapsed upon me. On May 3, 1995 I was told by my homosexual lover – “my life partner” – that he had found another man and was ending our three-year relationship. When I asked him why, he said angrily, “I don’t love you anymore!” and told me to leave. As I drove home I wondered how I would survive without this man who had showered me with expensive gifts, taken me on cruises, and affirmed me as a man while respecting my decision not to reveal our relationship to those we worked with (he is a church organist) who might “not understand”. My heart was broken and I felt physically wounded.

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Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 5

Pushing through the Pain

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 4

Approaching the Lord

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 3

Any effort to uproot homosexuality which does focus on the emotional roots of this evil desire will fail. The counselee must focus on his/her feelings in order to understand what causes homosexual attraction. Once these painful emotions are identified and the sinful reactions they gave rise to are acknowledged, the counselee can begin to do the work of breaking sexual addiction. Exchanging emotionally based lies for the liberating Truth of God has tremendous power to uproot homosexual desire once and for all!

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 2

The pain caused by early wounds is not easily forgotten. Satan uses pain—particularly in childhood--to gain access to a person’s mind and will. Negative emotions that are not dealt with in a godly manner will be stored inside. When the person experiences another painful situation, that present pain connects with the reservoir of pain from earlier experiences causing an intense, exaggerated reaction. As a hurt child experiences pain, the alleviation of pain becomes the first consideration of his/her thinking. Thus, the thinking turns to whatever “works” to stop the pain.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

What You Should Do After Sinning Sexually

We have heard so many of our counselees say that after their first homosexual encounter, they went home and took a long shower, trying to cleanse themselves from the dirtiness and filth of their sin. Others have said after longer periods of sexual sin that they will never do it again and they just want to forget it. Obviously washing the body, while necessary, does not reach the place of guilt and sin and the need to deal with God about our sin.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality

Working the Emotional Roots of Homosexuality - Part 1

Since the primary cause of homosexuality is ungodly reaction to pain in childhood, a major part of counseling toward freedom focuses on cleaning out buried negative emotions. We refer to this as “working the emotions”. The point of the pain in childhood or adolescence is the point of the addiction. The mind of the sensitive child exposed to severe pain develops warped patterns of thought that reflect the child’s inability to reason in the face of overwhelming circumstances. Thus, the ungodly emotions become the child’s sole source of guidance.

Topic: How to Become Free from Homosexuality
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